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From Mice and Men Enter the Twilight Zone

Published by Nigel Pritchard on Feb 09, 2024

Well, after committing to recover my fitness levels of a few years ago, I must report, it isn’t going how I had planned. And that is an understatement of significant proportions. In fact, following on from my article entitled “the best laid plans of mice and men” I appear to have entered some form of twilight zone. Wondering whether I can even get out of the starting blocks. Weekly 5-10k runs and plenty of cycle miles seem some way off.

Readers will know that before Christmas, I had started by sensibly going to the gym. The aim being to regain my muscle strength and flexibility. The key areas of focus being the knees, hips flexors, leg and butt muscles, core and back. My approach took notice of previous injuries, where I rushed into things without a foundational level of muscle strength and flexibility.

Though I say so myself, solid progress was being made. I was exercising between 6 and 8 hours a week. Mainly flexibility, strength with a little bit of cardio. I could feel a real change and thought I was doing well. Even starting to run intervals, albeit a little slow. Just before Christmas, I caught, what many people in the UK were beginning to struggle with. Some form of chest infection, which having tested was not Covid. Whilst I got through Christmas, the infection got worse, and I couldn’t do very much at all. It wasn’t just me our extended family and many of our friends got this perishing illness. An illness which left you coughing, a sore throat, laboured breathing and lots of gunk.

Like so many personal stories I have heard from others, the days morphed into weeks. At one point I thought I was improving, only to find myself getting significantly worse. It is only now, the first week of February that I am feeling better and able to resume my fitness regime. Family and friends also, seem to be on the up and up, which is a godsend.

I have got to say though, this stop start, stop start approach to my fitness is mentally wearing. Why bother, does get in your head. However, that one invigorating walk or golf round does set the spark running again.

So, at the start of this week, I started to stretch and do some light core and glute exercises. I committed to Steve, one of TheBoldAge founders, I would be returning to the gym on Friday. To begin weight work. Hopefully by the end of the month I will be able to start interval training.        

So, akin to the feelings when transiting the Bermuda triangle, the trepidation, as you enter; hope, as the border is sighted; followed by relief as you exit, with any luck my twilight zone has been well and truly left behind.  More next week.

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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