winter wonderland photo competition 2020/2021

After some long deliberation we have the pleasure of presenting a selection of some of the photos for our 2020/2021 winter wonderland competition. Enjoy!

Published by TheBoldAge on Feb 01, 2021

A Filipino Christmas with this great shot by Jessie M – if you haven’t tried empanada then they come highly recommended!


Yannick C took us on a journey to the Pyrenees…. we’re longing for the pandemic to be over and we can get back to travelling.


A bit warmer over in Australia with this photo of an Christmas down-under by Teresa S.

![teresa s.JPG](

Charmian B sent through this archetypically British winter wonderland!

![charmian berry.JPG](

You can just tell how mischievous Rory is in this photo. His eyes are begging you to believe he’s done nothing wrong. Ian S.

![ian s.JPG](

It was a hard choice but the votes are in and there are 2 winners. Charmian B and Yannick C who will both get wonderfully warm TheBoldAge Hoodies. Watch out for the email coming through and we’ll get them sent out to you.

Thank you to everyone who sent through their photos – there’s plenty others and we’ll be getting them up on our photos page shortly.

TheBoldAge Team