The British weather can be oh so fickle

So, how do I keep cool in a heatwave – nine tips from TheBoldAge

Published by Catrin Thomas on Jun 25, 2022

The British Met Office says that the key health issues to watch out for in this hot spell are:

– Not having enough water (dehydration).

– Overheating, which can make symptoms worse for people who already have problems with their heart or breathing.

– Heat exhaustion and heatstroke, which are potentially serious conditions that can occur if you get too hot.

To this I would like to add stress and irritability brought on from lack of sleep due to the high temperatures at night.

So, asking around the office these are, our top tips and hacks that could help keep you cooler during this hot spell:

– Avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water. Nigel swears by an electrolyte type drink once a day, but I would say that is only appropriate if you have been very active during the day.

– As I keep having to remind everyone – wear a hat.

– Counter intuitively, shut your windows and close the curtains throughout the day, especially for those rooms that face the sun in the afternoon.

– Wear loose fitting clothes preferably cotton which is a great natural fibre

– How about trying a cold-water bottle when you go to bed? Fill it partially with cold water and put it in the freezer.

– Some of the ‘peeps’ in our office say put a towel in the freezer and place it in bed just before you go up.

– Try creating a natural draught tunnel by opening a window on the cooler side of the house with a fan pointing inwards and an opposite window open with a fan pointing outwards. I am reliably told fans aren’t essential. You can even create a cross draught across a room using a similar principle.

– Plunge your feet into a bowl of water and ice takes advantage of several of the bodies pulse points in the feet and ankles.

– You could also try running cold water over your wrists just before you go to bed

We hope this helps. Enjoy the summer and stay safe!