TheBoldage looks at how to create your own home gym with these household items

As we seem to be heading into a second Covid wave we take a look at how you can effectively exercise at home

Published by Steve Foreman on Sep 22, 2020

As a result of the Coronavirus lockdown, many people had to start finding inventive ways to exercise at home instead of the gym. Internet searches for home gym equipment went through the roof, as did the prices! Don’t get us started on the blatant profiteers.

Covid-19 isn’t going away anytime soon, and whilst gyms are doing their utmost to keep everyone safe, many people are reluctant to return.

Here TheBoldAge shows how to use everyday household items to mirror the exercises you would normally perform in the gym.

### Try these ideas:

Laundry Gel Bottle instead of a kettlebell for Single Arm Cleans or KB Swings

Weighted Backpack for squats or for added weight during a walk around your neighbourhood.

![Backpack Squat 2](

Tinned Cans or Water Bottles instead of dumbbells for bicep curls and overhead triceps extensions. Just increase the number of reps for a greater challenge or up the weight by using a bag of flour (but put it in a plastic bag in case it splits!)

![Bicep Curl Tin](

Use a Football to increase the difficulty of your planks and push ups

![Ball Push Up 1](

Use a Wall to practice your wall sits

![Wall Sit](

A kitchen or dining room chair can be used for triceps dips.

![Chair Dip 2](

There’s no excuse for not keeping up with your keep fit routines and if you haven’t started yet, go be bold and give these a go.