TheBoldAge investigates: What does the new Three Tier System mean for your local gym?

Gyms are essential to the health of the nation, and us Boldies, during the pandemic

Published by Steve Foreman on Oct 14, 2020

After the challenges of lockdown, some of us have got back into the routine of attending our gym on a regular basis. However, a quick look at the news informs us that the second wave of Covid-19 has now arrived in the UK. The number of cases are going up at a very alarming rate and the government is trying to control the spread without doing untold damage to the economy.

Their solution is the introduction of a Three Tier System that is based on the transmission rate in your area. The higher the rate, the greater the number of restrictions that will be put in place, with tier three being the most severe. What will this mean for your gym?

Firstly, is there any evidence to suggest that the virus is spread in the gym environment? The majority of the information that is available suggests that gyms are low risk compared to pubs, restaurants and the hospitality industry in general. UKActive has conducted research across 1300 gyms and leisure facilities and found that from the 8 million visits over a three-week period, only 17 people were then tested positive for the virus. Stating the obvious, this is a very small number.

In response to the introduction of the three tier system, UKActive have said ‘Two months on from reopening, the sector has met this challenge and is delivering safe and secure gyms and leisure centres, for both customers and workforce, showing an extremely low prevalence of COVID-19 in facilities….” Which is no surprise given the sheer amount of cleaning thats goes on after someone has used any kit and after everyone has gone home.

UK Active go onto say “We must avoid what has been announced today in Liverpool, which has seen the unnecessary closure of gyms and leisure centres. This decision runs counter to all the evidence provided…..We will work with immediate effect with Liverpool City Council to review this decision, with the aim of overturning it.”

It is not until your area hits level 3 that your gym will be instructed to close. For those of you still able to attend, make sure you support your local gym and follow the cleaning and safety protocols, we all know that a healthy body puts you in a far better position to combat the virus.

There is a very strong argument that the benefits of attending the gym far outweigh the risks of contracting the virus, but ultimately as adults, we should be able to make an informed decision.