Surviving Lockdown 2.0

TheBoldAge looks at 6 things that could help you through

Published by Steve Foreman on Nov 06, 2020

The day nobody wanted to see has arrived, it’s day one of our second lockdown in England. The message is that the spread of the virus needs to be controlled, we need to save lives and protect our NHS. This lockdown is currently planned to last until December 2nd, if it works! So how do we survive the next four weeks?

Firstly, there are some positives, this lockdown is not as severe as the first one. Nurseries, schools and universities remain open, as well as parks and playgrounds. There is no limit on the number of times you can leave home to exercise, and you can meet up with a friend outside. However, the overarching message is still to stay at home as much as possible.

For must of us, this will be a challenging month. At TheBoldAge we have some suggestions that could make the next few weeks more bearable.

### Firstly, try to get outside.

The change of scene will help your mood as will the sun’s Vitamin D. You don’t have to go for a run but a walk round your local area could be very beneficial. Now we are in autumn and the darker nights have arrived, this may take a bit more planning. Perhaps take advantage of your lunchbreak, make the most of any ‘spare time’ you may have in your day.

### Embrace technology.

There are many platforms that you can use to stay in contact with friends, family and loved ones. The online meeting platform Zoom, saw an increase in users of 2,000% during the last lockdown. Actually seeing someone as opposed to just listening to their voice can really help conversations flow. You can also see what people are doing, just observing the grandchildren playing can really lift someone’s mood.

### Pay attention to what media you consume.

The news can be full of negativity at the moment and that can impact on your wellbeing. Look for some positive inputs, a
silly internet video that makes you laugh is a good thing!

### Now is the time to take up those hobbies you never had time for.

You have four weeks to learn a new skill, or improve an old one, you can use this time to better yourself. Don’t just sit on the sofa and watch TV, workout that brain as well as the body.

### That brings us on to food and alcohol.

It is very easy to get into a habit of drinking everyday or eating cake and treats to ‘improve your mood’. Everything in moderation is our moto. A glass or two of wine occasionally is fine, a bottle every night, isn’t. Try to eat and drink in a healthy manner and your body will thank you for it.

### Finally, let’s all be kind to one another.

We don’t always know how people could be suffering behind the scenes. Let’s try and spread a little happiness into one another’s lives when we can, we can get through this together.

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