Six apps that can improve later life!

APPs to improve our lives and support independence

Published by Steve Foreman on Feb 18, 2021

Most people now own a smart phone or tablet but the apps for these devices are not just beneficial to your children and grandchildren, they can also help you on a daily basis.

Here are six apps that you should consider downloading onto your device.

## Pill Reminder Medication Alarm
Ever forget to take your medication? This app will help you to take your medication on time. You can schedule all your medication on this one app, customize your tablets with different colours or sounds, see when your next medication is due and receive a reminder to take your medication at the correct time. The app is free with additional in-app purchases.

## EyeReader
This app will help you read the small print – on prescription labels, menus, etc. Just hold your phone above the text and read the magnified text on your screen, it really is that easy. There’s even a zoom function so you can decide what size you want the text displayed on your screen. £1.99 in the app store.

## Find My Parked Car
Ever forgotten where you parked your car? This app will show you where you parked, and you can also make a note of what floor you parked on or note the street name. You can even set an alarm to remind you when your parking ticket runs out so you don’t incur a penalty charge. The app is free with additional in-app purchases.

## Fall Safety Home – Personal Alert
This app can help to provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones whilst you lead an active and independent lifestyle. It is able to detect when you fall, big and small falls can be detected, and it can send for emergency assistance. The app is free to use with one emergency contact or pay a small fee for more emergency contacts.

## Lumosity
Keep your brain sharp with a workout for your mind.  Used by over 100 million people worldwide this popular app offers games and puzzles that test and train memory, logic, math skills and more. The app is free with additional in app purchases.

## Dementia Diary
Helps to improve the life of the patient and their carers. This app will display the time and date, if it is morning or afternoon and any events that are planned with alarm notifications. Slideshows and background pictures can also be selected. Profits from this app are also donated to Alzheimer’s and Dementia charities. £0.99 in the app store.

## TheBoldAge has not been paid to promote these apps.