Serenity and spirituality with a Scottish sound bath

The first sound you’re greeted with is Helene’s marvellous accent which is a melodious mixture of Scottish and French. You then start a journey through sound and vibrations that leaves you wanting more.

Published by Andrew Stark on Sep 13, 2021

If you haven’t heard of a sound bath before then let me introduce you to Helene Fleming and her [Highland Healing Space]( (there is no commercial affiliation with TheBoldAge). As a city-dweller it’s always great to visit my aunt up in the Highlands and you can always be assured of good laughs and an experience to remember. I know the trick now though – I’ll only participate in an activity she has organised if she is doing it too (I was thrown into canyoning a few years ago which is climbing up and down riverbeds and what to me felt like Mt. Everest: it’ll be fun she said….). This time was a bit more akin to our weekend doing Tibetan meditation at the [Samye Ling Monastery](

Your first step on the journey is entering into the eco-village of Balvonie Braes where the Healing Space is located and with the most stunning views over Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. The welcoming and serene Helene meets you at the door and takes you through to the space where the action takes place. You feel the energy change as you enter. You’re suddenly calmer; you can’t help but be more calm.

You settle down into the most comfortable Thai Beds (which I may or may not have on order now from Amazon!) with a little blanket over you (this is Scotland after all) and the journey begins. While the gongs take up the most amount of space in the room, they are not the only instruments that are used to guide you.


You close your eyes and Helene guides you into the realm of sound. It’s not just the sound though, it’s the variety of vibrations that reveal themselves to you. You feel the vibrations. From the deeply guttural through to the higher waves of the meditation bowls and crystal bowls. The sound enters you, becomes part of you, heals you. Then the strumming of strings has you gliding through another world. Finally, you hear what I can only describe as the joy of being a child in a funfair – the clickety clackety sound of wood on wood, all you’re missing is the laughter of a young child.

Renewed, refreshed, re-energised, rested, and ready for the week ahead. If you find yourself in the Scottish Highlands, then I cannot recommend the experience enough. Look out for a sound bath experience near where you live; you won’t regret it.