Redundancies increase by 195% among the over 50’s

Our skills and experience are going to be essential to the UKs post Covid recovery

Published by TheBoldAge on Apr 09, 2021

Recent data from the Office for National Statistics data shows 107,000 over-50s lost their jobs between November and January, this is an increase of more than 70,500, or 195 percent, year-on-year. This is higher than any other age group and shows the impact the Covid pandemic has had us. The governments furlough scheme has meant that the prediction of mass redundancies across the country has not yet happened, but this may change as restrictions are lifted. As part of returning to normal, the furlough scheme will require employers to start increasing their contribution before it finally ends in September and there is a concern this could start another round of redundancies.

Kim Chaplain of the Centre for Ageing Better said: “These figures show just how devastating the impact of the pandemic has been on over-50s……it’s vital we build back a multi-generation workforce in months to come’.

As Boldies we know that we still have a great deal to offer, we have experience and the skills to add value to the workplace, but we do need government support to ensure we are not forgotten. Kim Chaplin went on to say, ‘We need to see targeted employment support and a strong message that not only is this group just as entitled to work as younger workers, but they also provide a valuable contribution we cannot afford to lose’.

As restrictions ease and opportunities arise, now is the time to really focus on what we can bring to the workplace, don’t be shy in promoting your skills and experience. As Boldies we say We Are! not we were.