TheBoldage reflects on the year just gone and the year to come

A few personal reflections from TheBoldAge team

Published by Nigel Pritchard on Jan 28, 2022

2022 is here with a bang, there doesn’t seem a day go by without some big news from cakes to the Ukraine, it just goes to show what a weird world we are living in. Whilst life remains somewhat uncertain, we can certainly see more clearly as the Covid fog begins to lift and the vaccine booster campaign has the desired effect. So much so that the UK governments are starting to signal the unlocking of society from all the restrictions and guidance we have been living with for the past few years.

It’s amazing to think that just over 2 years ago we hadn’t really heard of Covid or taken seriously the ramifications of a global pandemic. However, since then we have seen our lives turned upside down, society change and so many of our fellow citizens losing their lives or been scarred by the virus. Yet, through these travails, we have seen the good in people from the amazing carers, NHS workers and academic researchers to the galvanising impact of individuals encapsulated in that redoubtable Boldie Captain Tom.

Reflecting, it is clear to us at TheBoldageAge, whilst not minimising the negatives, there are many positives to build on. We have all seen the value and importance of a universal and free health service at the point of need, the newfound respect for the biotechnologists and academic researchers and the key role the civil service plays.

Yet, it has also amplified and shone a spotlight on a few of society’s frailties from the inadequate social and health care structure, unpaid care workers, mental health resources, including dementia support, ageism (and boy has that reared its ugly head) obesity, air pollution as well as the scourge of inequality, to name but a few.

So, whilst we rightly should celebrate those on the frontline of tackling this deadly virus as well as the great acts of public kindness and support, we should not fall into the trap of thinking life just goes back to normal. The spotlight has been shone for a reason and it is incumbent on society as whole, from us as individuals to policy makers and regulators to ensure that we learn from the past two years and tackle these issues with the same fervour and urgency that we have applied to the virus. If we do, then society and every generation will be all the better for it and the benefits will be felt for many years after the virus has been defeated. Roll on the rest of 2022!