Nostalgic baking: 3 memory hugging recipes

Do you hanker after some good old fashioned baking treats, here are some for you to enjoy

Published by TheBoldAge on Feb 28, 2021

Who doesn’t love a cake or two. Whilst there is no nipping into a tearoom or coffee shop and sitting down for a sneaky sugar rush at the moment, we can satisfy our urges by baking.

We in TheBoldAge team remember the comforting, warm scented air wafting in from the kitchen when we were growing up and our mothers letting us lick the dregs of the cake mixture from the bowl, yum!

So with that in mind we were pondering what were your favourite nostalgic baking treats? We found ours on You Tube and have included them here for us all to get back in touch with our childhoods.

## Millionaire Squares

## Chocolate Cornflake Cakes

## Coconut Macaroons