Lose Yourself: Going back to our childhood

With a national lockdown looming and tier 3 in full swing in some regions, how do we keep our mental wellbeing in check, Steve talks about one of his joys

Published by Steve Foreman on Oct 31, 2020

In the UK we are still following the regional tiered lockdown approach, and it is looking increasingly likely that we will be heading into a national lockdown sometime soon. If it is anything like the first lockdown, the house will be cleaner, the cars washed and we will have all fall in loove with baking again. The eating anyway. So once all those jobs have been completed, muffins ate and exercise completed, what do I do next?

Well during the first lockdown I was scrolling through Amazon, as you do when you have so much spare time, and I came across Lego for the over 16’s. Adult Lego, this could be just the thing to alleviate the boredom. So, after a bit of procrastinating due to the price, I clicked on Buy Now and the Statue Of Liberty was purchased.

We are all currently bombarded with news updates that contain very few, if any good news stories and a many bad, depressing and worrying news stories. As a result, we all need something to focus our attention elsewhere, if only for a short period of time. To allow our mind to focus on other things, something that isn’t COVID-19. I was also very surprised at the number of other people, adults and children alike, that were into the whole ‘lockdown’ lego building movement.

![statue of liberty base](https://tba-cms.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/statue_of_liberty_base_8633eab622.jpeg)

For some that activity could be meditation, losing ourselves in a good book, drawing, cooking or any other activity we can become engrossed in. It gives us an opportunity to switch off from the world and everything going on around us, a time out, some us time. A chance just to focus and direct our energies into doing something simple, something stress free, something we enjoy. A time just to be quiet and focus on the job at hand.

For me it also gave me something to look forward to. I would only build so much a day, prolonging the experience for as long as possible, giving me something to look forward to. In these difficult times, the simplest things can give us pleasure as we learn to look at the world differently.

What activities do you use to lose yourself, do let us know? And yes if you are a lego builder we would love to see some of your works of art. Send your photos to alive@theboldage.com

For those interested, yes, I did finish it! as the picture proves.

![statue of liberty completed ](https://tba-cms.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/statue_of_liberty_completed_6d744df068.jpeg)