Lose weight in lockdown

TheBoldAge’s Steve Foreman explores how the lockdown provides an opportunity to lose weight

Published by Steve Foreman on May 07, 2020

Many of us in the UK remain in lockdown due to COVID-19 and for many of us that can be a real struggle. However, this does give us all an opportunity to do things differently and a lot of people are
choosing to focus on their health, particularly losing weight. This is not only a good thing for their longevity in general but also puts people in the best possible position to fight COVID-19 should they become infected.

To lose weight you need to consume less calories than you expend, to be in calorie deficit and this is where there are benefits in being in lockdown. That cup of takeaway coffee many people have on their way to work, can contain up to 720 calories, that is more than most people consume eating a main meal. Replacing that with a standard cup of coffee at home will make a significant dent in your calorie intake, let alone help the wallet.

Now is also a goodtime to improve your culinary skills. Homecooked fresh food is always better for you than processed foods that many people will purchase when pushed for time, it contains far more nutrients and often, less calories. With that spare time available, why not check out the **BOLD**food page for some great recipes and food ideas.

Another way to significantly reduce your calorie intake is to reduce your alcohol consumption. Firstly, for the record, alcohol does not protect you against COVID-19, this is a myth and to quote President Trump, ‘Fake News’. The opposite is true, the World Health Organization has stated that alcohol consumption can impact on your body’s ability to recover from COVID-19. Drinking alcohol does not have any positive effects on your body, those calories that are consumed are empty calories containing no nutrients that your body can use. Alcohol also contains a lot of calories, around
185 in a pint and 750 in a bottle of wine. Just reducing your alcohol intake can have a significant benefit on your weight, as well as your general health.

So why not cook from scratch, reduce or cutout alcohol, try not to have too many treats and partake in your daily exercise allowance. These changes will make you a healthier person and if you need to, help you lose weight. Lockdown can be a positive experience!