Lifting weight is good for us Boldies

Studies have shown there are huge benefits

Published by Steve Foreman on Oct 03, 2020

Lifting weights has huge benefits for us Boldie’s. Studies have shown that regular strength training can help build muscle and bone density as well as reducing the risk of numerous health conditions. It can help with arthritis, obesity levels, diabetes, back problems and also improve you balance to help prevent trips and falls, to name but a few. It is recommended that we should participate in strength training twice a week alongside other regular cardiovascular exercise.

Proving that gym’s are not just for young people, Margaret, who is in her late 70’s, attends the gym most days and is very clear on the benefits. ‘Since joining the gym I have noticed increased mobility levels and an improved sense of wellbeing’. As Boldie’s we want to live life to the full with as few physical restrictions as possible. So be brave, be bold and hit the gym, give some thought to working with a Personal Trainer to help you get the most out of each visit. Regular exercise will help you to live a longer, healthier and more active life.