I took it for granted!

TheBoldAge’s very own Steve foreman’s personal reflections

Published by Steve Foreman on Jun 16, 2021

People would say that I lead a very active lifestyle, the gym, playing squash, running to name but a few of my favorite activities. Whilst it didn’t always feel very enjoyable, my moaning always increased around mile 4, I did assume I would always be able to run. It is not until you can no longer do something, that you realize how much you enjoyed that particular activity. I recently had surgery which means I currently can’t run, play squash, or participate in any other activity that involves any running about. Obviously now I’m unable to, I’d really quite like to go on a long run, I don’t even think I’d moan at all!

This situation has made me wonder how many other things in life we take for granted. They don’t even have to be big things, going for a walk, playing with the children or grandchildren, gardening, just little everyday activities. How would you feel if suddenly you couldn’t do these things?

I have never been a fan of gratitude journals or ‘feeling blessed’, which seems to be a big thing on my social media feeds. However now I can’t run, I’d really like to, I remember the ‘runners high’ and just being able to get out the house into the fresh air and switch off from the everyday stress of life. I really miss that.

In my current situation, I now try much harder to live in the here and now, live in the moment and enjoy every day. The famous quote by Mother Theresa ‘Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today’ has never resonated so loudly. There is no point worrying about yesterday, it has gone, and whilst we should be planning for the future, that should not be at the expense of today, tomorrow never comes.

I will now be making a conscious effort to appreciate and make the most of every single day. I will try to be more present, to appreciate the people and the things around me, to enjoy life more. To focus on what I can do, not on what I can’t. Whilst I might be frustrated with my current physical limitations, I am sure there are many people who would love to have my life, there are people in far worse situations than me.

I can now honestly say that I am very grateful for the things that I can do, going back to work is great, honestly! I have made a promise to myself that I will try to not take thigs for granted, I will try and enjoy and appreciate every day, as tomorrow is not guaranteed. Why not take a moment to pause and appreciate the good things in your life today.