Coronavirus: The rising tide of community kindness and support

One great example is the #viralkindnesscampaign started by Becky Wass and her husband

Published by TheBoldAge on Mar 15, 2020

As the coronavirus carries on its inexorable march across the globe, increasing numbers of us are self-isolating, it’s easy to feel an increasing sense of despair and gloom.

Not to underplay the situation, there are many kind-hearted people who are shaking off this sense of doom and offering to lend a helping hand to those that need support. One such campaign that is gathering pace is the #viralkindnesscampaign, started by Becky Wass and her husband Jon Green. They have devised a simple form (which can be found at the link **here)**, that notifies neighbours and the vulnerable in our communities of the help they can provide, by dropping leaflets through their letterboxes.

During this crisis there are many community and self-help groups that have sprung up to help those of us in need. Epitomising the very best of human nature. The Guardian recently reported that 87 groups have been set-up country-wide, offering plenty of help and practical support.

If as the BBC is reporting, that the over 70’s are going to have to stay at home “within the coming weeks”, these groups and the help they provide are going to be an essential lifeline for many.

Anna Vickerstaff, a coordinator of the national Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK network, said: “No matter what we look like, where we live, or how much money we have, getting sick reminds us that at our core we’re all just human.

“And in every country, it’s the old, the sick and those already struggling who will be affected worse. That’s why we set this network up – because we want to make sure that no one in our communities is being left to face this crisis alone, and because we want to try and redress some of the serious inequalities this outbreak will expose.”

If there is one good thing that may come out of this terrible situation it could be a coming together of communities, mutual self-help groups and an expansion in inter-generational kindness.  

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