Cadbury is working with Age UK to help combat loneliness

As a chocoholic count me in

Published by Steve Foreman on Mar 31, 2021

The packaging on your Cadburys Dairy Milk is changing, for the better. Cadbury has announced that they will once again be working with Age UK to try and combat loneliness amongst older people in the UK. Loneliness is a big issue, Age UK state that ‘Today 4 out of 10 older people aged 65 and over say that they have often or sometimes felt lonely. That’s almost 4 million older people for whom loneliness is a daily reality’.

Cadbury is launching a donate your words campaign, where 10 million bars will have their packaging changed to include snippets from older people telling a story from their life. People can then visit the Cadbury website to read the full story. The idea is to raise people’s awareness of what amazing stories the older generation have to tell. Everyone should be encouraged to have ‘a proper conversation’ with older people, they have lived through so much and sharing their tales could well be a highlight of their day.

Do you know anyone that could be suffering from loneliness, why not reach out to them and make their day.

We are in no way linked to Cadbury or paid by them, but we do like to highlight positive campaigns, well done Cadbury’s. Further information about their Donate Your Words campaign can be found here