Bored in the house, in the house bored!

TheBoldAge has some suggestions on how to make the best of things

Published by Steve Foreman on Jan 22, 2021

As a result of Coronavirus the vast majority of us are stuck at home and unable to get out except for specific reasons. How does one keep sane under these difficult circumstances? The**Bold**Age has some suggestions.

Firstly, try and structure your day. It’s very easy to stay in bed, after all if you’re not at work and don’t have many demands on your time why not?  However, be aware that your body performs much better if you can stick to set patterns, so if you normally get up at 7am when you are at work, get up (and go to bed) at the time that you normally would. Research suggests that among other things this will help you get to sleep faster, boost your metabolism and make you happier!

Get dressed, don’t just lounge around in your nightwear. I’m assured by my wife that it’s important to do your hair and make up to normalize things and get you ready for the day ahead.

Plan your day, including time outside the house. Decide when you will leave the house for exercise or to walk the dog, these little things take on much more importance when we are stuck at home and it’s something to look forward to.


Think about when you drink alcohol. If you wouldn’t normally drink ‘on a school night’ don’t start drinking every day, just because the opportunity is there.  Drinking can cause depression and feelings of anxiousness; not something that is needed at the moment. Too much alcohol can also cause weight gain, it’s full of empty calories that do nothing to support your body’s needs. An occasional drink can make people feel better, just beware that occasional can easily become an everyday habit.

Just because you are at home for most of the day that doesn’t mean you have to lose contact with friends and family. This is where social media can be really positive, keep up to date with what’s going on and use text or facetime to keep in touch.

People have been known to have virtual dinner parties, where you all cook the same meal and then chat through an online app. What about a quiz? Now is the time to get creative, you don’t have to always meet in the flesh to have a catch up.

Have a look at some of our recent articles – how to make flavourings for tonic water (the gin is optional – except in our house when it is mandatory), origami, gardening tips and some great cooking ideas, like making your own bread.


Finally, now is the time to get on with all those jobs around the house that you have been putting off. DIY stores still remain open, so there’s no excuse. It’s spring, so now is the time for that spring clean whilst you have time on your hands. It may not be your favorite job but achieving it will give you a real sense of satisfaction once you have finished.

It is very easy to lose interest in things generally during this difficult time, you may find that you have to force yourself to do things even though you can’t really be bothered.

We firmly believe that you will feel better once you have done something, give it a go and do share your experiences with us about how you are beating the boredom!