Boldies over 60 have the highest levels of life satisfaction during this present crisis

Not only that they are the most active age group

Published by Nigel Pritchard on Nov 16, 2020

During this lockdown, I find myself reading several of the daily papers, wondering if there are any ‘green shoots’, or, whether there is anything new or different out there. Today, I was particularly taken with an article In The Times. They reported that Boldies over 60 are coping much better with the situation than the younger amongst us.

This revelation comes from an ongoing survey of 60,000 people by the University College London (UCL), that is in its third week. People taking part are asked how they feel about the lockdown, the handling of the crisis by the government, loneliness and what they are most concerned about.

What they have found so far is that although Boldies, over 60, are more at risk because of age, they are dealing with the mental and emotional strain much better than their younger, 30-59, brethren.   

Interestingly, not only were the over 60’s coping much better mentally, but as a group were more active. Whilst not wanting to age myself more rapidly than is absolutely necessary, as a soon to be 57-year-old Boldie, I do feel I want to belong to this older category.  

The study also found that the stress related to catching this awful disease was highest amongst the 30-59-year age group. Daisy Fancourt, associate professor of epidemiology at UCL, The Times reported, said that overall stress related to money and food were decreasing and catching the illness and falling ill was on the rise.

I have to say the insight on exercise did surprise me. Though I don’t know why, given that during my once a day, jog or cycle, I rarely see younger people exercising.

I’ve also been musing recently, why, given that I live in an area where there is an abundance of cyclists of all ages, there are not a lot more out and about. I can go a whole ride and see no-one and that is very unusual. Maybe part of the answer is in the study. UCL have found that 39% of respondents were doing no exercise at all.

So Boldies, including those of us who have yet to hit our 60’s, its time as Norman Tebbit said, to get on our bikes. Or should I say keep up the good work!! Stay active and remain safe.

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