Bold Women: A personal blog about thread veins

I’m really pleased with them – imagine us older woman saying that

Published by Marion Foreman on Apr 14, 2020

As a Bold woman, I want to talk about my purple veins.  Those thread veins on my thighs.  They are a reminder of childbearing and age.  We have, as a society, decided that they are ugly.

I have worked as a nurse in the private sector and have seen women pay vast amounts of money to have these veins treated and removed.  Lots of tiny injections back then but now there are many other ways to get rid of these ‘unsightly’ veins – and at great cost – a quick look would suggest a fee of £500 to £1k would be a minimum.

What about if we saw these differently?  How about if we all decided that these purple lace patterns were a sign of beauty that all women aren’t blessed with?  How about if we photographed them and admired them?  ‘I have some lovely patterns forming and the colour is beautiful – I’m really pleased with them’ – imagine us older woman saying that?!


And why shouldn’t we?  Who decided that thread veins were ugly?  Who decided that they needed treating and getting rid of?  Public perception is something that we have allowed to influence how we are viewed for far too long.  Grey hair, wrinkles, veins – its spun a whole industry of ‘anti- ageing ‘ creams, hair dyes and surgical procedures.  Ladies – we can stop this! 

Just look around in nature, thread veins are everywhere and really really beautiful.


We look as we do because we have loved, we have lived, we have given birth, smiled and cried.  Our faces, our hair and our bodies tell our stories – celebrate the richness – let’s not hide it any more!