BoldFood: Sourdough Pancakes

Any left-over sourdough starter can create wonderful pancakes

Published by Frank Just on Aug 17, 2022

The other day I had a batch of sourdough starter left over so I gave it a bit of an extra feed, and 8 hours later I made some sourdough pancake batter, slightly modifying a recipe I found on the BBC Good Food website. I hope you enjoy these fluffy bundles of deliciousness.

**What you need:**

– A ladle or very large spoon
– A fish slice or I use a wooden pancake turner
– Some hungry people
– Small or large frying pan, your choice


– 200g self-raising flour
– 1tbsp of caster sugar – golden if you have it
– 1tsp baking powder
– 1tsp cinnamon (optional and you can go lighter or heavier on the quantity), friends swear by mixed spice as well
– Pinch of salt
– 200g of sourdough starter
– 2 eggs
– 280ml milk
– 50g melted butter
– Sunflower oil for cooking
– Maple syrup
– Blueberries or mixed fruits (optional)
– Greek yoghurt (optional)
– Ice-cream (optional)


Except for the oil, butter and, maple syrup tip everything else into a bowl and mix well with a whisk, I just use a simple hand whisk, until you have a smooth batter. If you are struggling to remove the lumps, which hopefully you aren’t then you can put the mixture through a sieve. Once you have a smooth batter, you can add the butter and again whisk in. I then cover with cling film and put in the fridge overnight, so I have no fuss in the morning. As an aside, I have also been known to add either some juicy sultanas or dried unsweetened cherries to the mix. You can certainly experiment.

Heat your pan and add a little sunflower oil and using a piece of kitchen roll ensure you wipe all over the bottom of your pan, you just want a sheen. Next, using a ladle pour one scoop of the batter into the pan. If you are using a large pan, you may be able to fit 2-3 pancakes in. But make sure there is space between them. I have the heat on medium high, you want a sizzle but nothing too much. When you start to get bubbles coming through (not immediately on sight of the first few bubbles), then the pancake is ready for turning. Flip it over and after a minute or so the pancake should be ready.

I place them on a plate and cover with a clean tea towel to keep warm whilst I finish making the rest. After which people can decide on the toppings, I love maple syrup, blueberries, and Greek yoghurt but it’s all up to you. Enjoy.