BoldEating is a foodie adventure and good for you to

TheBoldAge introduces our BoldEating series

Published by Nigel Pritchard on Mar 12, 2021

Our **BoldEating** series will help de-mystify the babble surrounding food, nutrition and healthy eating and provide you with some tasty, nourishing and healthy ideas to support an active lifestyle. Along the way we hope to build many food friendships and at the same time save you money.

Navigating through the maze of words and phrases such as nutrients, fatty acids, nutritionally balanced, macros and sugars can be a real turn off and downright confusing. What foods should we eat, how much is too much, or too little? This is made even more difficult to traverse when faced with what is perceived as ever-changing advice and some of the sensationalist reporting we see from time to time. Our series will help de-code all of this for you.

As we age some of us will find that our sense of taste and smell change and food loses its appeal. This leads to us eating less, making it harder to get the nutrients needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The good news is we can help you, food can still be bold, exciting, tasty and good for us. Moreover, we can maintain this healthy lifestyle and still be able to drink wine and beer as well as enjoy sauces, cake and chocolate. It’s all about balance and moderation.

Over the coming months we will get your taste buds working overtime with some fantastic tried and trusted recipes as well as de-mystifying the latest jargon and advice.

Rambling off-piste; I am a self-confessed foodie and plan to lose at least another stone (on top of the 2 already lost), improve my overall fitness as well as my sense of wellbeing. To help with this I recently signed up to a health app which can record what I eat, calculate the calories gained as well as the nutritional benefits, or otherwise. Even after a few weeks it has been illuminating (did I really have that much sugar and saturated fat?) and shows in stark reality the minefield we are trying to navigate throughout our daily life. Honestly, whilst the app is insightful, time will tell how helpful it has been. What I am certain of is that it should not be the ‘tail that wags the’ dog but instead be an enabler to better eating. More of this in a later edition.

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Variety is the spice of life, as they say and food is no different, a varied balanced approach supports us in getting the essential minerals and vitamins to build and maintain an active lifestyle, take on those goals we set for ourselves and have some fun along the way. Isn’t that what life is all about, having that sense of fun and adventure?

The use of spices and herbs are an adventure in themselves, marrying both exciting flavours and intensities – trying something new and bold. Just look how many varieties of chillies there are and don’t get me started on olive oils, herbs and the like.

We would love you to get you involved by sending us some of your favourite foodie recipes to alive@theboldage and we will give some of them a go and feature them on TheBoldAge website and social media.

Enjoy the adventure alongside us.

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