Adverts are patronising and offensive

The over 50’s need to be communicated with not talked down to

Published by Steve Foreman on Jul 06, 2021

We’ve all seen those adverts – stairlifts, retirement villages, orthopaedic shoes, walk-in baths, the list goes on. Are these adverts really aimed at us Boldies and are they appropriate? Research that was carried out on behalf of Parsley Box (who produce ready meals for older customers) found that these adverts were falling very wide of the mark according to their target market. In fact, the research stated that less than 1 in 10 of those interviewed, recognised themselves in the advertising targeted at their age group. Only fourteen percent of those aged over 65 felt understood by the brands, fifty five percent found the adverts patronising.

Should we be surprised? It is after all 2021, why do companies persist with portraying us as greying, reliant on others and generally past it. As we keep saying, we see the future as an exciting journey. A period of opportunity, relevance, and joy; a time for exploration and re-invention where we continue to add value to society. We are independent people, living life to the max, not consigned to the scrap heap just because we are over fifty.

The Centre for Ageing Better agrees. They have released images of age-positive photos, which are free for the public to use. Their aim is to try and move on from the typical stereotypes that still exist for our age group. Any marketing targeted at ourselves should be realistic and age positive. It is disappointing that in 2021 there is still an exceptionally long way to go to achieve this.

Do you agree, do you feel engaged with the latest marketing campaigns, or are we still misunderstood, let us know your thoughts!