1950s TV Shows and adverts

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Published by TheBoldAge on Apr 12, 2020

Continuing our look back at the Boldie decades, our penultimate look back at the 1950s, has a peek at the TV shows and adverts that set the stage for the golden age of radio and TV.

The first is short compilation of BBC’s Children’s hour

Here’s an OXO advert featuring Sooty

This was supposed to be the first advert of the 1950s for Gibbs SR toothpaste

This next ad was for kellogs Cornflakes – never go to work on an empty stomach

My father introduced me to Tony Hancock, he’s brilliant in these 1950 Ads

This next clip is a the first episode of Robin Hood from 1955, starring Richard Greene

Then there we have the variety acts of the time in these next 2 clips

And, finally we have a comedy film from 1953 – this was brilliant