1950s: The big news stories

Some of the key moments, recorded on film

Published by Nigel Pritchard on Apr 04, 2020

Since we started our memory jogging journey through the decades, starting with the 1950s, we’ve taken a look at the games we played and the music we danced to. Today we shine a spotlight on some of the key news events of the day.

First out of the blocks we have the coverage of the 1950 general election

Growing up we always loved going on the train for a grand day out. The 1950s saw the dawning of a brave new world of rail travel and a fond farewell to the steam engine.

We also had the christening of Princess Anne. The Royal Family gathers together for a family portrait after the christening of Princess Anne in this silent footage from 1950.

This short compilation covers the assassination attempt of President Truman, Al Jolson’s passing, the opening of the restored House of Commons and the atom bomb.

This next reel looks at some of the US stories. From Martin Luther King to Elvis.

For some of us boldies this short film takes you on a journey as a child in the 1950s. We would love to here some of your memories if this was your time.

When we think of the importance of the environment today, we take you back to the great smog of London in 1952

Please get in touch with your memories of the time, by writing to us at alive@theboldage.com and we will pull together an archive.